Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Sitting Pretty

Sitting is something we all do to a greater or lessor extent. some of us have concerns about back support and general comfort. To sit on an elegant chair, in comfort is actually quite a rare experience. Many people purchase chairs, especially in the home based purely on their aesthetic appeal, and frankly who can blame them with such fabulous creations available.

To find an elegant chair that provides comfort and support is to find the epitome of luxury. This can sometimes be a challenge and it is why so many La Contessina clients return to us when they are looking for new supportive seating ideas.

Why is this the case? Simply put it is because La Contessina have a tradition of developing a chair on the basis of 3 important factors; strength, design & comfort. It is when we have met all three criteria we can look to enhance the chair with our exquisite fabrics, embroidered silks and velvets, tassels, pleated satins and more fantasies.

Knowing how to build a chair, knowing where the stress points are, where the weight loading levels are positioned, where the balance points are. These are all part of the specialist knowledge delivered with each and every La Contessina chair. Understanding how to choose the woods and other materials suitable to the environment where the chairs will live is particularly important as this directly affects the performance and longevity of a chair.

One of the most important things when considering high quality bespoke furniture is to find someone to talk to. someone who will happily discuss the merits of different styles and finishes. Have the knowledge to explain the benefits and features of each chair and table.

For those who know about our skills the decision making process is only based on the fabrics and colours, and we think this is the correct protocol, by ensuing our clients always make confident and informed choices. How will you choose your new chairs?

It is thanks to the dedication of the La Contessina family craftsmen and the diligence of the management that we are able to meet such criteria and ensure our clients are always sitting pretty.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Salone del Mobile

Lancelot Lancaster White & La Contessina cordially invite you to our stand at Salone del Mobile in Milan. This exhibition also known as the International Milano Furniture Fair is to be held at the Fiera Milano in April 2016. It is considered the premier international furniture fair influencing design and purchasing decisions for the rest of 2016 and beyond.

Please visit our website and click on the enquire button to pre-order your invitation to this important exhibition. or click on the icon below to go straight to the invitation request.

We would be pleased to meet you at our stand, take an aperitif together and discuss what is new. Please bring all your creative ideas and let us turn them into reality.

Lancelot Lancaster White & La Contessina look forward to welcoming you at this event.

An Introduction to the World of La Contessina

La Contessina (the young Countess) was created by a family matriarch who possessed an exceptional talent for creating sumptuous elegant fabrics. From the first exhibition decades since, the entire collection caused a sensation. Such was the ensuing demand for her time and designs for projects whose scope grew far beyond that of materials to include lights, furniture and eventually kitchens.

As La Contessina grew Madame Fagetti’s sons were drawn into the business, both demonstrating talent and understanding beyond their years. La Contessina now creates fabulous interiors for discerning clients throughout the world yet their name is known only to those who choose to seek out the epitome of luxury.

This family run company is now headed by the eldest son, Gianluca, who spends his time meeting international clients and developing new ways to ever improve production and finishing techniques. Clients are able to choose from a plethora of designs or create their own truly bespoke environment. Investing with La Contessina you are rewarded with rare beauty and the passion of the Fagetti dynasty.

Lancelot Lancaster White is proud to be associated with La Contessina enabling us to bring the beauty and refined elegance of their creations to the United Kingdom. The moment which led to our decision is when we realised their dedication to their art. We understood they embody Excellentia Super Omnia.

Clients in the UK will now be able to enjoy soft furnishings which include rich, sumptuous velvets and silk which are used to create exclusive handmade embroidered cushions, curtains, bed covers and table covers. Classic furniture as well as kitchens can be created and installed in the finest homes and offices.

Welcome to the world of La Contessina

Thursday, 10 March 2016

La Contessina

It is with pleasure than Lancelot Lancaster White announces it has formalised an agreement with the classic bespoke furniture and fabric manufacturer La Contessina of Italy to become the official agent for its entire product range throughout the United Kingdom and associated regions.

A source at Lancelot Lancaster White expressed a widely held sentiment from within its own organisation in following its mantra 'Excellentia Super Omnia', stating.... "one of the deciding factors was the dedication and attention to detail demonstrated by this family run company". To competently deliver furniture, fabrics and kitchens across the world at this level is nothing short of marvellous.
La Contessina's ability to delivery continuity and quality of manufacture combined with its rich design and creative capabilities make it unique within this high end ultra luxury market. The sumptuous, luxurious embroidered silk and velvet fabrics and the classical elegant furniture created by its dedicated core of traditional skilled master craftsmen and seamstresses really has to be experience to be believed.

La Contessina has provided luxurious interiors for some of the worlds super rich and elite personalities, creating both elegant and comfortable environments it is seen as the epitome of luxury in many parts of the world, and counting many influential people as its friends.
Lancelot Lancaster White stated that its primary objective is to develop and expand the brand in the UK as it is ironically not so well recognised in this part of Europe. " We will initially approach architects and designers for both commercial and non commercial projects. Reaction to the arrival of La Contessina in the United Kingdom has been overwhelming with immediate enquiries received from new clients almost before the ink is dry".

If you would like to know more about the products and services from Lancelot Lancaster White please visit the website.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Bentley GT of Seats

Chairs are not always the world's sexiest subject, however now and then something so elegant and stylish comes along that you have to sit up and take notice. For those who cannot afford to sit in a Bentley this really is the very next thing.

Generic name: Wave Presidential chair, derived from the pure free flowing shape that formed its conception in our Italian factory. Designed to be both elegant and functional, delivering comfort, support & reliability it has been a true success.

Technology played its part in the design development as new machinery and retraining craftsmen allowed us to perfect an age old English technique of quiltingBy quilting the front body section of the chair we have created a classic, the result is a leather chair with lines reminiscent of the Bentley GT interior, sporty and elegant. Hand finished, with alternate leather colour inserts that accentuate the style of this refined chair.

It was important that the chair should be as practical as it is elegant. This was achieved by using quality components all of which sit on a solid aluminium five star base, allowing us to deliver a chair with EN1335-123 certification and a 5 year warranty. This means at home one could expect the chair to last a generation or more. It is reassuring to know that products such as these are still made in Europe.

Seen here the Wave chair is fully upholstered, hand finished in fine Italian Napa leather with contrasting colour stitching forming a traditional diamond pattern. The chair reclines to provide support and comfort in any position. It is height adjustable making it comfortable for people of different stature and if you are very tall there is a larger gas lift available to order. 

Unsurprisingly this sporty chair has been chosen to adorn the boardrooms of several international clients. Chairs are made to order in the clients choice of leather colour. There are other bespoke options which include the client logo or coat of arms embossed into the leather head rest.

Shipping information defines volume as 0.64m3 & gross weight 25Kg. To discover more about the Wave Presidential Chair and other luxurious products visit us at Lancelot Lancaster White.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Red Bull Racing - Light Speed


A recent introduction to Lancelot Lancaster White is Racing Gold's table lamp an engineering creation from the Red Bull Racing PART OF THE TEAM collection. These table lamps are re-engineered by the dedicated team at Racing Gold to create exquisite works of functional art, each one entirely unique to its owner.

There are two sizes of table lamp to meet the requirements of any Grand Prix fan, both made from original components of raced Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Grand Prix cars. They are operated by the medium of human touch which controls the on/off and brightness.

These cogs having spun at over 18,000 rpm as part of a racing gearbox. Each lamp is individually produced from available parts and components typically include parts of the final drive unit. This is fitted onto a Corian base. Once assembled this is hand polished and lacquered to a race finish although other plating finishes are available to special order.


What may be of special interest to new owners of these stunning and unique pieces is the fact they can be collected from the Red Bull Racing factory where they will receive the lamp, the official certificate of ownership and for the large lamp, a guided tour of the facility. What better gift or award could be presented to your colleague, friend or partner.

Racing Gold are dedicated engineering craftsmen redefining a traditional practice into a sensational art form. Read more . . .

Friday, 23 January 2015

Luxury Kitchen

The phrase luxury kitchen may inspire ladies with the thought of a kitchen ever so slightly more beautiful than their best friends kitchen; for men it may inspire thoughts of expense followed by frequent dining out. For many people across the world the kitchen has always been the centre of the home and now this is more so than ever before. No longer just a work area it can now be truly luxurious, a place to display and entertain friends & family.

At Lancelot Lancaster White the phrase luxury kitchen defines the combination of four important factors: aesthetics, design, functionality and quality. It is when we achieve all four of these that we can truly say we have a luxury kitchen. an ambient place for creative cooking that looks stylish, is hygienic and suitable for the process of food preparation and cooking. You may not be a cordon bleu chef but you should work in an environment that helps inspire what you do.

Our kitchens are manufactured in Italy by artisans with more than 40 years experience. Using tried and tested methods along with premium fittings you can be assured of the quality and durability of a European manufacturer. We offer a selected range of styles and finishes for both modern and classic tastes. Creativity in forming a kitchen is often in the hands of a kitchen designer who, with a good brief should be able to realise fantasy into reality.

Whether modern or traditional  Lancelot Lancaster White will deliver a kitchen that meets your every desire. appliances are delivered to your specification. The result is perfection in a warm and loving environment.

To contact us and discuss creating your perfect kitchen click the icon below

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Zeus Presidential Chair - In the Lap of the Gods

Most people would work tirelessly to achieve the blessing of their deity but once you sit in this chair you will believe you are there by almighty decree.

With a return to the classic art of quilting the new Zeus Presidential Chair puts you in the lap of the gods. The diamond stitch pattern creating the quilting effect is perfectly matched to the style of Zeus creating harmony of design and function.

Each chair is manufactured to order with a choice of leather colours and contrasting or matching stitch colours. all controlled by the craftsman's dedicated hands as fine Italian Napa leather is quilted and crafted into the finished article. The two part beech wood and metal chair frame sits on possibly the worlds most reliable gas lift providing easy height adjustment. This is gently inserted into the all aluminium polished base and the Polo casters are applied.

Zeus goes further than satiating the senses because it is a chair that allows its occupants to recline comfortably whilst providing constant support. Unlike most similar chairs Zeus does not tilt but actually reclines. The benefit to its occupants is measured in comfort and freedom from fatigue. Making great decisions should be done in comfort allowing all your powers of concentration to be focused on the objective.

We should not forget that Zeus is a beautiful object, an elegant chair that seats the worlds elite be they statesmen, businessmen or Royalty. This is the kind of possession that is handed down from father to son. Perhaps one day your children will inherit your Zeus and they will understand the meaning of quality values.

Truly great objects go beyond their performance and functionality. This remains true for Zeus because it not only performs its duties faithfully but it meets all current compliance for fire and safety. Zeus is ecologically focused with its standard leather colour options derived from a vegetable dye process. This crucially removes the chromium salt process.

Zeus is designed to accommodate all body shapes and sizes. For the taller person there is an option to increase the dimension of the gas lift. Our craftsmen have honed their skills over more than 50 years, your assurance of satisfaction notwithstanding the 5 year warranty.

If you visit our website you will notice that Zeus is available with a lower back, the executive model, however both versions are available with or without quilted leather.